Nayanquing Point Report 08-08-17

Area Conditions: Late summer crop conditions, still finds the south field corn growth really behind, but as in the past if there is good weather for the rest of August and September it may catch up. The corn in the center field is good ranging from five to six feet tall with the food crop like buckwheat also looking good. In the north field the corn is fair and ranges in size from three to six feet in the same strip, the food crops also seem to be behind. With two month to go there is still time for things to get better.


Nayanquing Point Crop Report 8-8-17 - North Field

Fair Corn in North Field

Nayanquing Point Crop Report 8-8-17 - Center Field

Good Corn Center Field

Nayanquing Point Crop Report 8-8-17 - South Field

Short Corn in South Field

Buckwheat in South Field


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