Growing up Gaddy Week Two

Gaddy is now eight weeks old and is growing quickly, if you have ever had a lab puppy you know what I mean. Her house breaking  is going to plan Gaddy has only had a few housebreaking accidents and was actually peeing while walking which I found unusual? After doing some research I discovered she was getting way to much water,  she  is going to the communal water bowl and drinks in all no matter how much was left and she did this every time. So now the water is rationed for both dogs until she learns to drink only what she needs. Come to find out dogs only need about one ounce of water per day per pound of weight, I give her a little extra because she is a growing puppy. Her crate training is also going fairly well, she’s not thrilled about always being in there but she is getting accustomed to it, at this point she spends around two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon in her large travel crate, she is also feed in her crate.

Gaddy in her large travel crate.

Gaddy in her large travel crate.

Her obedience training is going well she sits, stays, kennels and comes, if she knows I have a treat. I have started to walk her on leash for a couple of blocks down to the harvested corn field everyday with the family cocker.  She’s using her nose well while getting used to harvested fields.



Gaddy starting to use a dog field blind.

Gaddy getting used to her field blind.

I have also started to set up her field blind in the kitchen and with a treat thrown into the back of the blind and a little convincing she is to going in and sitting.





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