Growing up Gaddy Week Six

Gaddy is now twelve weeks old and she had her second series of shots this week, she has also went from 14 to 24 pounds in the last three weeks.

This week we are focusing on improving her house hold manners, breaking such bad habits like jumping up on the kitchen cabinets, table and most of all people. Another bad habit she is forming is barking, she barks at the family cocker this may be a challenge to him but it has to stop. We make sure there is no rough housing in the family room, the family room is for rest, chewing on rawhides and toys.

Invisible pet fence being installed.

Invisible fence being installed.

The other news this week is the invisible pet fence was installed. It only took a couple of days to get her and the cocker to understand the boundaries and by the end of the week both dogs were sitting or backing away from the flags. The instruction manual says to use distraction training and we had the perfect distraction, the neighbors yellow lab. When he’s out on occasion he will bark and our two dogs would take off and head to his yard two door down. I made sure to have them both on their leashes when he is normally out and when I heard him bark we went around the side of the house where they could see him, both dogs tried to cross the barrier but with me instructing them with the word “OUT” and pulling them back with their leashes they only got a little tickle, but it was enough, they now only go to the flags and no further even when he’s out.

She has started to really want to retrieve, not that she didn’t before, her drive has risen to a different level. She has taken a real liking to a toy rubber duck that the granddaughters had for the cocker but he never liked it. I could throw this a hundred times and she would get it and bring it back, but I only throw it a few times and then put it away for the day and when I get it out the next day she absolutely goes nuts.

Labrador puppy mousing in a corn field

Mousing in the corn field.

As the weather gets better we are walking to the corn field just about every day, she loves to run and find corn cobs and mouse nests. But the main reason we go there is to work on her obedience in more of a hunting setting. She does very well on coming and sitting etc.. but sitting when I blow the whistle is taking a little longer than I thought. But I know she will get it.

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