Growing Up Gaddy Week Seven

Gaddy’s house breaking is finished for the most part, she has not had an accident in two weeks and she rings her bells every time to go out.

Gaddy and Roscoe sharing the kitchen chair,

Gaddy and Roscoe sharing the kitchen chair,

Labs grow quickly, a few weeks ago there was room to spare.

Labs grow quickly, a few weeks ago there was room to spare.

Her  house obedience is moving forward, for the most part she is now staying off the kitchen cabinets and tables. But we still have work to do especially when it comes to people, everyone in the family knows how important this is and they are all helping by making her get down when she jumps on them.  Her barking issue was getting worse so I have added a training collar set on vibrate, hopefully by next week this will be resolved.


Gaddy's first road trip.

Gaddy’s first road trip not in her small grate.

Also we are starting to socialize her, I started by taking her to the grandsons baseball games walking her in the crowd getting her used to large groups of people. She did fairly well with her obedience commands,  but we have work to do, will try again in a couple of weeks. She has had a few road trips outside her travel crate and she is doing very well, she sleeps most of the time if we go any distance, need to get her ready for North Dakota in October,  it is about fourteen hours.

Gaddy had a great week with her retriever training, she just does not want to stop, balls, toy duck, bumper with feathers it doesn’t matter and for most retrieves she is eventually bringing what ever I throw, back to me. I only give her three to five retrieves and if I see her excitement and attention decreasing that’s were I stop. I couldn’t be more pleased.

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