Growing up Gaddy Week Five

Week five was a week of change, or defiance what ever you would like to call it. Her housebreaking and her obedience progress took a step back for a couple of days, when she started acting like she was from a different planet by not obeying. We worked through it and made overall progress for the week.

Gaddy had a few accidents this week, for what ever reason she started hiding instead of going to the door. So I had to watch her closer than ever and when I caught her I would yell “GADDY NO, GADDY OUT”  and by the end of the week she was going out every time plus she was using the bells hung on the back door just about every time and she has started using them on command.  The family really had to watch her when she was downstairs with us, because when she wakes up from her naps, every once in a while it seems like she doesn’t  realize where she is, she would go over to the gun safe door putting her paws on it, like a dog would do on a glass door, so when we seen this we would scoot her outside. Now when she wakes up downstairs we take her right outside, much like when she comes out of her crate.

Labrador puppy likes the deck and sun.

Gaddy likes napping and chewing sticks on the deck.

Gaddy’s obedience is still progressing, she now sits, stays, comes, and goes down on command without treats, but there was a couple of days when I thought she was deaf, she has excellent hearing by the way.  Just like the housebreaking issues after a couple of days this behavior went away. Now when I give her the come command she sits in front of me, she is getting much better with the heel command. On her walks she is walking at heel and is improving at ignoring a lot of the distractions, again improvement is the key and she is improving.




Labrador puppy helping around the house.

Gaddy loves helping around the house.

New this week, she has started helping around the house. Every time the dish washer is opened she’s there to help, same for when the floor is swept she loves to chase and hold the broom. When thing we have to make sure she doesn’t do is jump up on the counters when we are cooking and prepping food, every time she does this she is scolded with “GADDY DOWN” and is made to get down. Another behavior she now does is to lay and nap outside on the deck.



Labrador puppy training in a corn field

Gaddy learning her way around the harvested corn field.

Hunting skills –  She gets blind work every day, I have moved it downstairs and there are times she goes in sits for awhile all on her own. When I train I have her kennel making her stay for awhile before giving her a command like come, so she gets the idea she can’t get out until I say so. I plan on making her stay longer and longer as her training progresses. She also really likes walking down to the harvested corn field were she gets to run with the cocker. We also work on her obedience skills especially sitting when I blow the whistle and coming. Last week I wrote about throwing a small duck dummy and rubber bumpers a few times daily,  but after talking to the trainer who will finish her retrieve training, he only wants me to do this twice a week. So this is what were doing, she really likes to chase and chase hard.

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