Growing Up Gaddy Six Months

Gaddy is now six months and weighs in at fifty eight  pounds. She continues to excel in her training and has an unstoppable drive to retrieve, balls, Frisbees and bumpers, she has not slowed as some have said may happen, but at this point I think her desire continues to build. During our twice a week retrieving training, she has started doing simple blind retrieves some up to forty yards using had signals. I am very excited about how fast she has picked this up and continues to improve doing it.

Training a Labrador puppy to retrieve in the water

Gaddy loves the water

Training a labrador puppy, how to behave on a boat

Gaddy learning about boats

During the last month we have continued to take her to the water, playing with the kids and enjoying the water. Last weekend I started making her obey her commands. Getting her to understand that water is just not for play but also for work, retrieving in the water. She knows her commands well enough I have been able to accomplish this without any kind of a collar.  We have also taken her on a couple of boat trips, she doesn’t seem to mind being in the boat, my only concern at this point, is making sure she doesn’t jump out, because she absolutely has no fear of the water.


Training our labrador puppy Gaddy in a wheat stubble field

Training in wheat stubble

With the wheat being harvested, she has started working in the wheat stubble which is a huge change from working in the back yard. After about four retrieves and her running all over the field she realized what her nose was for and started using it instead of her eyes to find the bumpers, I can’t believe how fast she figured this out. She also doesn’t like the stubble poking her in the butt when she has to sit. All in all after a couple more trips to the wheat filed she’ll have it all figured out.

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