Growing Up Gaddy Five Months

Gaddy is now five months old and has come a long way in her training. Needless to say I am very proud of what we have accomplished. She is a very trainable dog, she knows and now completes all of her commands when I give them. She also has an unstoppable drive to retrieve, balls, frisbees a doken Puppy training mallard, it doesn’t matter she loves to retrieve. During our twice a week retrieving training sessions, I have started to throw doubles and set out bumpers to get her used to taking hand signals. She continues to grow and is now forty nine pounds.

Gaddy enjoys jumping from the dock

Gaddy enjoys her first trip to the water

During the last month water has warmed enough and the dock is in at one of the crew members cabin and while working on the cabin and having my granddaughters there to help watch her, Gaddy got a day to play in the water. She has no hesitation to get in, she jumps off the dock or from shore to chase her rubber duck or ball. I’d say she a natural. Her doggy paddle is kind of choppy when she has to swim I am sure this will improve with more trips to the water.


Gaddy learning her way around the decoys

Gaddy learning her way around the decoys

Gaddy is also learning about and getting used to the decoy trailer and decoys. I have been doing this by just taking her to the decoy trailer letting her sniff around while I remove some of decoys, setting them out in the back yard getting her used to the complete process, seeing and smelling everything now instead of the first time she goes hunting. While everything is set up I take the opportunity to toss her a few bumpers or Frisbee (her favorite toy)  I will do this a few more times before the hunting season.

Gaddy and I meet our professional trainer for the first time during the last month. After a short work out he recommended that we work on doing a loop heel in front of me instead of heeling behind me and after about a week and a lot of confused looks she is starting to catch on. He also wanted me to make sure when I give her a command she does it quicker and precisely. We started to work on these suggestions the same evening and we are making steady progress. We will met back with him in a couple of weeks to set up a training plan for the rest of the summer.

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