Growing Up Gaddy 10 & 11 Months

Gaddy is now a little over eleven months old and weighs in at seventy pounds, she has not grown much in the last couple of months other than putting on muscle. She runs fast and can jump like a deer.

Labrador Retriever Gaddy watching the decoys in a blind.

Gaddy watching the decoys

I have continued to take Gaddy hunting at our local state game area continuing to build on her to hunting experiences. Unfortunately the ducks never cooperated but she got blind time and learned all about putting out decoys in the water, which was new for her and of course she had to chase everyone thrown out, but by our fourth trip she learned these weren’t any fun to chase and spent this time searching the cattails around the blind.  While I was picking up the decoys at the end of this hunt she found a smelly carcass, she is progressing a little at a time in learning how to hunt. I remember my first lab Ebb, he really enjoyed rolling in old skanky carcasses which made being near him for the rest of the hunt an adventure until the smell got washed off. I sure hope she don’t pick up this bad habit.


Labrador retriever Gaddy enjoys chasing balls even in the middle of the winter

Gaddy enjoys chasing balls even in the middle of the winter

In December, I had to find a different place for her to train and make longer retrieves. Our back yard was getting to small for her and she was tearing it up. So I started taking her and the family Cocker to the local park which has a lot of room to run, search and train. She is making retrieves all the way out to seventy five yards, I have to walk out the training dummies and while I’m doing this she has to stay in her field blind, all the while I am making sure she isn’t creeping out, if she does, I make her get back into it a little further, this behavior is a must she do, if she is going to snow goose hunt in March.  When we aren’t training once or twice a week we still go to the park twice a day to keep her in shape, she just loves to run and chase balls. I have combined this activity with obedience training making her heel, stay, come and hold the ball on command and she is getting better and better at all these commands, plus this activity helps to burn off extra energy which she has no shortage of.

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