Welcome to Muck Boy Outdoors!

We are a group of Family & Friends that share a passion for the Outdoors. If it gets us out into the fresh air, we are all in! Outdoor activities we participate in, include waterfowl, deer and predator hunting; fishing and bowfishing. The pursuit never ends for us, when we aren’t  fishing or hunting, we are scouting, managing property, looking for sheds, or working on gear for next year.

We came up with the name Muck Boy (read full story) ten years ago and published our first website of the same name, this site has lists of fine hunting dog kennels, public shooting ranges, fishing and hunting reports and more. 

After 10 years and tens of millions of views, it’s time to upgrade and expand! We are launching this website with your interests in mind, we want to bring you more detailed reports more often. You can expect more information in more aspects of our Outdoor Adventures. You will soon find reports on training a new lab puppy, property management, bow fishing in Missouri, deer hunting in Michigan and Missouri, fishing where ever we can get them to bite, waterfowl hunting, including all the preparation that goes into all of these activities to be successful.