St. Clair Flats – Harsens Island Update 10-10-17

Oct 2017- Managers Update –
Current Bird Numbers: The DNR area bird count as of last week was 12,000 ducks.
2017 Hunter Bird Take Stands at:  0000 Ducks and 000 Geese

Area Condition Update: Duck numbers are looking very good for the opener. We have a large number of ‘other ducks’ for this time of year, with significant numbers of pintail, black ducks, and gadwall. Teal numbers are down a little from average for this time of year, but wood duck numbers are looking excellent both on the area and in the local region.

Crop & Water conditions:  Crops are looking very good. All zones are being flooded over the past week and into this week. The only zones that will have real limited water will be zones 6, 21 and 24, as usual. All of the remaining zones should have good water conditions. Almost all zones will have very good cover. Even zones 12 and 13 have pretty good crop conditions. Zone 24 is likely going to be the worst, but will still be very huntable for quite some time. It’s important in all zones, but especially 24, that hunters do not knock down the corn so that we have good cover all year.


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