Shiawassee River State Game Area Report 12-6-2016

Dec 6th 2016 – Managers Update –
Current Bird Numbers: The DNR area bird count as of last week was N/A ducks and N/A geese.
2016 Hunter Bird Take Stands at: 6082 Ducks and 911 Geese

Area Condition Update: We had the table set for a great season, no water or crop issues but the ducks just never really showed up for the big event. We had a LOT of positive comments about the conditions of the area, the improvements made to the area and the upgrade to the check station. We did receive some flack about the absentee hunter but those complaints went to the wayside when everyone got use to the change. I did get raked over the coals for water levels the last week and one hunter (who got ticketed for 27 shells over the limit) that 25 shells are not enough to kill 6 ducks and 3 geese. The last week of the season brought more seasonal weather with hunters anticipating a better harvest. Hunter participation for the last week increase drastically with 79 parties on the 26th of November and 60 parties on the 4th of December. We are now allowing trappers into our refuge units so there will be no refuge count for this week or the remainder of this hunting season.

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