Shiawassee River State Game Area Report 06-28-2017

Area Condition Update: The area north of Shiawassee received a significant rainfall Thursday night /Friday morning.  Shiawassee received a total of 2.5″ of rain.  Areas north near Midland/Sanford received in excess of 7″.  The Tittabawassee River  was at significant flood stage emptied into the Saginaw River east of Shiawassee.    As these flood waters proceeded downstream and hit the Saginaw River it was too much for too much for the Saginaw River to handle. The flood waters began to back up toward Shiawassee on Saturday causing both the Shiawassee river and the Swan creek to flow backward(westbound).  Water was flowing through the new Tilting Weir Gate and the Radial Gates to the south.  Water began to back up and flooded most sharecrop fields on Prior and Wahl Roads.  Following is a synopsis of the area as of 1pm Tuesday.

9-14 and 6-7-8 had significant dike breaches resulting in complete loss of all crops in those units.
1-5 dikes ok crops have some water damage.
N & S Prior dikes ok.
30’s & 40’s dikes and crops ok.
Wahl Rd marsh, Federal Marsh, 29, Flooded Woods, and all Prior Rd refuge units dikes were topped and all are at significant flood stage.

Most of the Diked units will be ok, but It is not known how much the flooded units will affect the fall season, when the waters recede Vic and Crew will establish a plan.  Hopefully by the July SFCHA meeting more information will be available.

Visit the SFCHA Facebook page for numerous photos/videos of the flood and damage.

Read the Michigan’s DNR Press Release about the storms.

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