Fish Point Report 9-27-2016

Managers Update – 9/27/16
Current Bird Numbers: The DNR area bird count as of last week was 1980 ducks and 200 geese.

Mallard, American Wigeon, Wood Duck, and Gadwall numbers increased slightly this week. Goose numbers are similar to last week’s count.  Large numbers of geese have been seen flying in and out of the refuge but many of these birds are staying in the fields all day with the warm temperatures.  Blue wing teal numbers dropped this week.

Corn is most zones have 7ft to 9ft tall corn and should provide excellent cover and food, with the exception of zone 20-23 which has little to no corn. Zone 20 has 4ft to 5ft tall corn. Zones 20-23 will have a hunting blind to provide additional cover. All zones have small grains around them (Barley, Buckwheat, Japanese Millet and numerous moist soil plants) so there will be plenty of food for the waterfowl to feed on throughout the season.

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