Nayanquing Point Report 10-12-17

Oct 12th 2017 –  –
Current Bird Numbers: The DNR area bird count as of last week was 0000 ducks.
2017 Hunter Bird Take Stands at: 0000 Ducks and 00 Geese

Area Condition Update: The area is holding a good number of ducks and geese. The North and Center fields has very good corn with some up to 8ft. The corn in the South field may only be 5ft with most being shorter, you may want to bring extra cover. Water conditions in the center field is very good, I could only see water on the south end of both the north and south fields. The pumps for the fields are running so water conditions will change by the opener.

Nayanquing Point  2017 Fall Report Zone 25

Short Corn In South Field

Nayanquing Point  2017 Fall Report North Field

Water in the North Field

Nayanquing Point  2017 Fall Report Center Field

Water and corn are good in the middle field.



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