Nayanquing Point Report 07-03-17

Area Conditions: This report on the summer crop conditions finds them a little behind where they normally are at this time in years past. The south field is really behind and with all the recent rain, its hard to tell what will happen with this field. I could not see any corn that has emerged, next month I’ll walk out to get a closer look. The center and north fields look to be in better shape with the corn at about six to eight inches high. Unless we get deluged again these field should be OK.

Read the Michigan’s DNR Press Release about the storms.

Sand Hill Cranes in Nayanquing North Field

Cranes in North Field

Nayanquing Center Field 7-3-17

Nayanquing Center Field

Nayanquing South Field 7-3-17

Nayanquing South Field


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