Missouri Wildlife Habitat Intro

We are currently working on several habitat improvements to a 5 acre parcel about an hour west of St Louis.  This property is surrounded by large tracts of land with a lot of woods & streams.  The area has very little high nutrition agricultural fields, as most fields are hay.  Our goal is to make the property a beacon for wildlife by adding year round nutrition & high grass bedding areas.

This process will take several years due to both time constraints, financial costs & growth rate.  Our plan is to complete the process in 5 steps.

1.) Priovide More Dense Cover

2.) Plant Orchard

3.) Plant Food Plot

4.) Plant Bedding Area

5.) Supplement Feeding


This year we planted nearly 100 trees & bushes to start to provide more dense cover. We were lucky & bought out a nursery that was closing! We are planning on planting a 10′ swath of tall grass  around the entire property perimeter in the spring to complete the process.

We also planted our orchard this year, as it will take a couple years before producing a good amount of fruit. We added 24 fruit trees between 5 & 7 feet tall, a couple crab apples & blackberry & raspberry bushes. We watched for sales & ended up doing this very inexpensivey.  We have several trees already bearing fruit & the deer are taking advantage.  Be sure to do your research on the fruit trees you are buying and especially the pollination requirements, this can become quite involved.   A few years from now we will have apples, peaches, plumbs & pears, crab apples & berries ripening at different times throughout the entire summer and fall. These will be a great attractant along with the large amount of acorns that fall each year.

We are hoping to add a food plot this fall and the bedding area in the spring.



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