Growing up Gaddy

If your a waterfowler, there isn’t anything more satisfying than hunting with a well trained dog, over the years the crew has had some good dogs. This past winter we had to put down our black male lab Kodi who had been with us the last thirteen years, he always made our hunting trips times to remember. Over the last couple of years we had made plans for this eventuality.

Gaddy_001With my retirement, it was an easy decision who was going to have the time required, to train a puppy for hunting and as a family dog. So prior to retiring last summer I started the search and visited a few kennels that breeds  hunting and dogs for trials. I wanted to view the mothers and the kennels operations. I am a firm believer that if you want a good hunting dog the puppy must have a very good lineage (pedigree) of current proven field and trialing parents and grandparents. This was my research criteria to find  the right kennel and a good breeding, I put my deposit down and picked up our new pup about sixteen weeks later. As far as  selecting the puppy for us, I believe I did this with my research, and with there only being two females that basically looked and acted the same I took the smallest knowing each would have its own unique training requirements and size was an important feature in my selection.

A little about her name, over the last year the crew has been searching and brainstorming for a unique name for a female duck dog. We went through a hundred names and it came down to two, Susie or Gaddy, both nicknames used for ducks. Susie for hen mallards and Gaddy for Gadwall’s, my wife basically choose the name being her best friends name is Susie, I would have thought that would be an honor! After all these years my wife still doesn’t understand duck people.


Gaddy is going to be crate trained, we choose this method for three reasons. #1 – she will be a house dog and needs to be housebroke quickly, as quickly as this can be done. #2 – We are field hunters and she will be in her own field blind for most if not all of her hunting. #3 – We travel out of state to hunt quite often and there may be times when she can’t hunt and we may not have a place to leave her, with her crate in the back of the truck she will have a safe, dry and secure place to stay. Dogs crates become a dogs home (den) so she will be comfortable spending time in there if and when she can’t hunt.

Make sure to check back often, We will posting updates on Gaddy’s progress of becoming a good waterfowl dog.


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