Growing up Gaddy Week Three

Gaddy had her first vet visit this week at nine weeks, for her second series of shots and to meet the vet staff, she didn’t seem to mind the vet checking her over and the rest of the staff playing with her. She will return in three weeks for her third series of shots.

The water issue I wrote about last week seems to have gotten better with me rationing the water. At each feeding both dogs are now getting a cup of water and after each play and training period they get about a half cup. There are now times they leave water in the bowl and Gaddy doesn’t have to go out every fifteen minutes.

Gaddy's first time in the snow.

Gaddy’s first time in the snow.

Gaddy has made great strides in the housebreaking process,  with no accidents this week. She now goes to the back door every time she is let out of her crate. The only thing that still needs to be reinforced and improved on, is getting her to signal that she wants out, there is a set of  bells hanging from the back door and on occasion she will just bump them or she will whine neither of which we can not hear from the family room. This is still a work in progress but we are making head way.



Gaddy loves the sand box.

Gaddy playing in the sand box with Roscoe

Gaddy’s obedience is also progressing fast, she now sits, stays and comes on command without a treat. This week we are working on down and walking at heel on a leash, she seems to be picking this up but maybe not as fast as she did sitting and staying. As she gets older she will be required to be at stay longer and longer and take longer and longer walks at heel.




Gaddy using her field blind.

Gaddy loves her field blind.

Hunting skills – we have moved her field blind outside on good weather days not that she would care if it was cold and wet outside she loves the snow and is getting to play in it about once a week with the spring snows we are getting here in Michigan. She has taken to her field blind like she has been using it for years, I couldn’t be happier. She also has a hard drive to chase when I throw a toy or ball and about seventy percent of the time she will return with it and when she does this I give her a lot of praise which seems to be working with her returning with the toys and balls more and more.




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