Growing up Gaddy Week Four


Gaddy still not sure about stairs.

I don’t like the stairs yet!

Gaddy continues making progress in her housebreaking,  with no accidents again this week. She continues going out every time when she is let out of her crate, also she is using the bells hung on the back door more and more, she doesn’t ring them very loud, but she’s getting better (improvement is the key).  With her improvement of signaling us that she wants to go out, she is now allowed in the family room in the evenings but because she doesn’t like using the stairs yet I have to watch her closely for signs she needs to go.



Gaddy moussing in the corn field.

Lots of new smells in the corn field.

Gaddy’s obedience is progressing fast, she now sits, stays comes, and goes down on command without treats.  She is being made to sit and stay while I fix her food and dish up her water. I have added to the come command, that she sit in front of me, which she picked up right away, but she is struggling a little with the heel  command, sometimes she sits behind me or on the wrong side, but she will figure this out in a short time. Everyday the weather is good,  we walk down to the corn field and at least a part of the walk she is made to walk at heel, lets say this is a work in progress, she knows what to do, but there are lots of new smells, noises and other distractions like our cocker she has to learn to deal with.


Gaddy likes her small mallard.

Gaddy likes her small mallard.

Hunting skills – every day she gets her blind work, she loves getting in and she likes it so well she is now laying down in it while we aren’t training. I have started to throw her small duck dummy and rubber bumpers a few times daily,  she really loves both of them and always brings them back to some degree.

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