Growing Up Gaddy Week Eight

Gaddy is now fifteen weeks old and has received her last series of shots this week and while at vets she weighted in at thirty two pounds. Her house breaking is complete at this point, I don’t see any signs from her that she needs t go out, instead she just heads to the back door where she now uses the bells every time when she wants out.

Her obedience is also improving, she now sits pretty much every time I blow the whistle. She has learned to stay either in her blind or where I make her stay, while I walk around the back yard or the harvested corn field, if she moves I take her back where I had placed her and we start over. I like to make it tough on her by picking up the sand box toys she has left all over the yard, because she thinks were going to play she comes after the toy, again when she moves, we start over.  She is now very good at staying, but we are shooting for excellence.

I did get a choke chain / slip collar to help her with learning and behaving while on her leash. With this tool her walking at heel, around the block or at the grandkids baseball games has improved greatly. It wasn’t that she was terrible at any of this but it just speeds up and finishes the process and  within a week she is much improved,  she no longer pulls on the leash while at heel or when just walking, also it has helped to keep her from jumping at or up on people when she’s out in public.

Her retrieving skills continue to get better and better, she has found and old Frisbee and will retrieve this over and over, I don’t give her any commands while we play with the Frisbee, all dogs need a toy and play time and this is hers. But she does bring it back every time and I praise her for this. What she needs to improve on is brining back her dummy with feathers, she goes out and picks it up, then runs off to chew on the feathers, to remedy this, I have started to throw a wing in the hall where she can’t go anywhere and she is bringing this back in this confined area, early next week I will try feathers again outside in one of her training sessions.

This will be my last weekly post, I am going to start posting monthly. She has learned most of her commands and is housebroke, now its just repetition. There will be training events such as going to the professional trainers place so her and I can learn together. She will also start to retrieve her first birds, learn about water, boats and decoys.

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