Growing Up Gaddy Seven Months

I can’t believe it but Gaddy is now seven months and weighs in at fifty seven pounds how time flies, and in a few weeks she will be going on her first hunting trip for early season geese. She is a very athletic dog, she not only runs fast but can jump high and long, exactly what we wanted. She continues to improve with her training. While in her field blind she has to stay longer and longer before she can retrieve and does it very well for her age. She doesn’t hold what she retrieves as well as I would like but we are working on it and she knows what she is suppose to do.

Young Black Labrador Behaving in the boat.

Gaddy learning to behave in the boat.

During the last month Gaddy was on vacation with us, the granddaughters and their cocker spaniel Roscoe on a small lake in northern Michigan. I took full advantage and worked her in the water, off the docks and along shore. I swear she is part otter. When she’s near the water, its almost impossible to keep her out. During this week she was also on the boat everyday and by the end of the week she calmed down enough and was allowed to walk free.


Black Labrador Gaddy helping to mud new field blinds.

Gaddy helping to mud the new field blinds.

She continues working in the harvested wheat fields. She is marking better and better every time she goes out. We also worked her with a shotgun,  we did this by every time a Doken was thrown one of the crew members would shoot starting out about fouty yards behind her until the shotgun was right next to her. We also have her laying down in her blind for better concealment. When she was smaller it didn’t matter she always sat up, now she big enough that her head sticks up to high so now she has to lay. She caught on quickly and is now a pro at it. I will work with her over the next few weeks to make it a natural part of what she does when she’s in her blind.

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