Growing Up Gaddy Eight Months

Gaddy is now eight months and weighs in at sixty two pounds she is slender, long and tall. She keeps running faster and  faster and jumping further and higher. She now understands all her hunting commands and other than commands she gets when working out. I have stated to concentrate on the commands she seems to have the most trouble with such as when giving her hand signals she has trouble with back so we work on this command almost every day.  When we are working I try and give her all the different looks and scenarios I can think of.

Growing up Gaddy Eight months - Returning with a real duck.

Gaddy returning with a bird


We have started working with a professional trainer, David Keehn of Dusty Rose K9 Trainers. David is helping “ME” getting Gaddy E-collar conditioned and providing real birds and training conditions that I could not provide. Gaddy learned very quickly what real birds are and can already do forty and fifty yard retrieves. Some of which are blinds.



Growing Up Gaddy Eight Months - Goose Hunting

Where’s the Geese

Like I posted in Gaddy’s seventh month post we did go goose hunting, but as usual they gave us the slip. I had been watching a group of birds work a field for ten days. We didn’t have the X but we did have a field they flew low over every morning going to the X. But on opening day they flew in a totally different direction. But that’s  goose hunting, but it did provide Gaddy with the experience of a real hunt, experiences like leaving the house in the dark, setting up all the decoys and blinds in a strange field also in the dark.


Growing up Gaddy spending time in her field blind

Gaddy spending time in the field

She also got to spend time in her blind, also she has to get used to us being in our blinds. I practiced with the blinds in the back yard, but she still really likes being in the blind with us. Just have to remember she is still a puppy.

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