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Growing up Gaddy – Training

In my next few posts, I will be discussing Gaddy’s training, using what I call the three”P’s” Practice, Patience and Persistence and what worked and what didn’t. Practice: I started practicing / training Gaddy twice a day, right from the day I brought her home. At first it was only a few minutes each time, gradually increasing the practice […]

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Growing Up Gaddy Year One

Gaddy is now a year old and over the next few posts I will explain what I learned and what worked and what didn’t while training Gaddy.  I am hoping this will be helpful to anyone who isn’t a professional trainer and is thinking about getting and training their own hunting dog. #1 – Get the best breeding you can […]

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Growing Up Gaddy 10 & 11 Months

Gaddy is now a little over eleven months old and weighs in at seventy pounds, she has not grown much in the last couple of months other than putting on muscle. She runs fast and can jump like a deer. I have continued to take Gaddy hunting at our local state game area continuing to build on […]

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Growing Up Gaddy Nine Months

Gaddy is now nine months and weighs in at about sixty five pounds. She now understands all of her commands inside and out and most of the time she follows them with out fail. But every now and then she thinks she knows better and chooses to do something else, thank goodness for her electronic training collar. […]

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Growing up Gaddy

If your a waterfowler, there isn’t anything more satisfying than hunting with a well trained dog, over the years the crew has had some good dogs. This past winter we had to put down our black male lab Kodi who had been with us the last thirteen years, he always made our hunting trips times to remember. Over the last couple […]

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