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The adventures of raising and training a Labrador retriever for all our waterfowl hunting adventures.

Growing up Gaddy Week Six

Gaddy is now twelve weeks old and she had her second series of shots this week, she has also went from 14 to 24 pounds in the last three weeks. This week we are focusing on improving her house hold manners, breaking such bad habits like jumping up on the kitchen cabinets, table and most of […]

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Growing up Gaddy Week Five

Week five was a week of change, or defiance what ever you would like to call it. Her housebreaking and her obedience progress took a step back for a couple of days, when she started acting like she was from a different planet by not obeying. We worked through it and made overall progress for the week. Gaddy had a few accidents this […]

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Growing up Gaddy Week Four

  Gaddy continues making progress in her housebreaking,  with no accidents again this week. She continues going out every time when she is let out of her crate, also she is using the bells hung on the back door more and more, she doesn’t ring them very loud, but she’s getting better (improvement is the key).  […]

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Growing up Gaddy Week Three

Gaddy had her first vet visit this week at nine weeks, for her second series of shots and to meet the vet staff, she didn’t seem to mind the vet checking her over and the rest of the staff playing with her. She will return in three weeks for her third series of shots. The water […]

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Growing up Gaddy Week Two

Gaddy is now eight weeks old and is growing quickly, if you have ever had a lab puppy you know what I mean. Her house breaking  is going to plan Gaddy has only had a few housebreaking accidents and was actually peeing while walking which I found unusual? After doing some research I discovered she was getting way to much water,  she  is going to […]

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Growing up Gaddy Week One

I picked up Gaddy on Monday morning from the kennel and after the uneventful two hour drive home with the family cocker keeping and eye on the little black ball inside her small travel crate that was strapped tight with one of the seat belts in the back seat. As stated in our opening post we are crate […]

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